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What You Can Expect From the Best Catering Service Now

Spring 2018 ended for the young people of the Catering service who have collected in the last months a long series of successful initiatives successfully completed.In fact, the catering services organized in recent times go backwards, the exclusive one on the occasion of the Think Thank corporate event, which saw the staff engaged from breakfast to lunch with a menu organized according to a thematic island scheme. Fromtartar to finger food, from the first to vegetable dishes to desserts.

In the splendid location of the humanitarian cloisters, on the other hand, the 40th anniversary of the AIL, Italian Association of Leukemia, was celebrated on Sunday, June 12th. For the occasion, aperitif and reinforced and standing buffet for all guests present.

6 Tips fora Successful Company Catering

Different scenarios and different occasions, therefore, but always one and the same objective: to

Offer the customer a quality product, well packaged and able to satisfy specific needs rather than articulated.

What is the secret to choosing a good corporate catering?

Those who organize corporate catering must have in mind 6 aspects that I consider fundamental:

Thorough listening to customer needs

  • The reception of all the needs expressed in order to make the children in the kitchen and the staff at the service presences absences in the context of the event.
  • The construction of an ad hoc menu that takes into account, as well as the needs of the company, also the target audience and the location within which it will take action.
  • The diversification of the offer to guarantee dishes that meet the tastes of the most diverse population (omnivorous, vegetarian, vegan)

The provision of a service of the highest quality in which the raw materials are really selected among those considered best on the market by choosing, where possible, organic products and zero kilometer.The good corporate catering services are essential here.

The care and attention to every detail

If the eye, in fact, wants its part, the missing place represents the business card with which the company that organizes the catering presents itself to the company and the company, in turn, to the guests.

The respect of all these parameters, the same to which we, for years now, we stick to what continues the experts determines the success or failure of a catering initiative that must be studied at a table after a long work of listening, examination and definition.

The catering service must, in practice, act as if it were a consultancy agency raising the corporate contacts of every burden and effort in organizing the event itself and working in total autonomy once the needs and needs of the company have been gathered. These are the matters that you can be worried about.

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