How to choose a plumber: a portrait of an ideal master

Laying sewers, installing a water meter and other procedures require professional skills. How to choose a specialist who will perform all the work with high quality and on time?

Conditionally plumbers can be divided into three categories:

Plumbers from specialized firms are usually the most expensive category of craftsmen. Their high prices are compensated by the high quality of work and a mandatory guarantee for them. Any company must conclude a contract with you for the provision of its services, so you are insured against deadlines and other misunderstandings. With the good at plumbing services this is very important.

Accuracy – The politeness of not only kings, but also good specialists. The master, who is responsible for the work, will come to you at exactly the appointed time, and in case of a delay due to force majeure circumstances, he will call and warn you about being late. Upon entering the apartment, he will make the most favorable impression. Even banal neatness in clothes speaks in his favor. And of course, no shaking hands, the smell of fumes and other signs of alcoholism.

Make sure that the plumber does not impose his opinion on you as the only correct one. Of course, he is a master, and he definitely knows more about his work than you. And, of course, he must point out to you the contradictions or difficulties in your plans. However, a good specialist always knows several ways to solve a problem. Perhaps one of them will be the most optimal, but if you do not like it, the master should offer other options.

Make sure that the plumber is well-versed in various materials and technologies, including modern ones. This does not mean that he should know about the good at licensed electrician now.

Absolutely everything in the details

For example, installing a boiler of a specific manufacturer or model may cause him some confusion, because he had not come across exactly the same before. In this case, the master can have a very rich experience in the installation of heating systems. In such cases, it will be easy for him to clarify the missing information and complete the work. However, for this he must have this experience and relevant knowledge.

Usually an experienced plumber knows not only how to do her job, but also where to find all the necessary supplies for her. This knowledge he will gladly share with you. Some craftsmen prefer to buy everything they need on their own, presenting only checks for payment to the client.

Plumbing works are often literally dirty, so good plumbers have a replaceable working form. This applies not only to employees of firms, but also private masters. Accuracy is generally characteristic of good craftsmen, so they do not pollute your apartment beyond what is necessary.

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