The DJ Party With the Fine Atmosphere

The music in a dj party is crucial for the atmosphere. You have a mixer (or want to have one) to mix and animate parties?

Choose your music

The choice of music is based on the audience that will be present during the evening. For example, if I have an evening with my uncle in his forties, my grandfather who is in his sixties and my little sister who is about a dozen years old, I’m not going to spend the same music only if I mix for my friends who are between 18 and 25 years old.

The prime rule is to choose a music that will please the audience. So you must know your music library and know which pieces are going together.

Opt for extended versions

Prefer the versions “extended” that the versions “radios” of your music to have an intro and an exit . This will allow you to mix more easily and have more effects.

To find out the trendy titles, search the Internet for playlists of radios, DJs or discotheques, this is the best barometer!

Test his sequences

  • A mix is ​​going from a piece A to B through a transition as pleasant as possible for the public.
  • Before D-Day, try at home small sequences of 3-4 pieces of different types: funk, house, rock
  • In a series, you can have different styles (eg, modern and old) but you have to keep a coherence

But do not prepare all your mix

Pro tip: Do not prepare a ready mix. You may find yourself without anything if your selection does not catch the public. Classify your music by styles and then juggle between them depending on the impact on your audience

The trick to avoid offsets

To avoid having an offset between songs when you start in the mix, use the “Sync” function. It automatically synchronizes the rhythm of the two songs to avoid any false notes.

Test the atmosphere

To start the evening and feel the atmosphere, play different series of music for 15 minutes and adapt to that the public prefers.

Follow his audience

The mix is ​​continuous improvisation. Throughout the evening you must be attentive to its audience: observe the impact of each mix (how to dance, reaction according to age ), and adapt.

Plan to make peaks and quieter moments. You must not leave too fast; otherwise you will not keep your audience in top shape for 4 hours. You have to be in the evening to feel when you have to speed up or slow down.

Dare the mixtures!

What is bad in the clubs is the “Mash up”. It’s about taking two titles of different styles or different eras and mixing them. You can mix music styles like Hip-Hop and electronics, or mix Adele with David Guetta.

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